Ferro Silicon Nitride Mainly Active Composition

Ferro Silicon Nitride's mainly active compsition is Silicon Nitride. Formula of Silicon nitride is Si3N4, is covalently bonded compounds. Silicon Nitride is a polycrystalline material, the crystal structure is the hexagonal crystal. The Silicon Nitride is generally divided into , are two crystal phase, composite by [SiN4] 4 - tetrahedron. Wherein the -Si3N4 is high symmetry,small molar volume, is thermodynamically stable phase in the temperature; and -Si3N4 is easy to generate in kinetically. At temperature (1400 ~ 1800 ), phase will change to phase, the phase change is irreversible,therefore phase is easy sintering.

The -Si3N4 is white or gray loose wool style or needle-like style , -Si3N4 is darker, showed a dense granular polyhedron or short-prism.

The Si3N4 in Ferro silicon Nitride is at 75% at least, and the -Si3N4 take 85%. Our company can production the -Si3N4 at 90%min.

When Ferro Silicon Nitride are used as the raw materials of water free taphole mud, Si3N4 effect in the activation sintering , corrosion resistance and anti divisive. The tap hole mud made of Ferro Silicon Nitride is more stable sealing the mouth, and is very easy to break cut when used in the furnace or electric furnace blast furnace.

When Ferro Silicon Nitride are used as Nitrogen additive in Steel Mill, Si3N4 is Nitrogen additive in grain oriented silicon steel, stainless steel, heat-resistant steel, corrosion-resistant steel, alloy steel and special steel smelting production.