Calcium Silicon Barium

calcium silicon barium

Calcium Silicon Barium Properties

Calcium Silicon Barium is silver grey Ferro alloys, and mainly composite Calcium, Silicon and Barium. It is as inoculants and the new high-efficiency complex alloy in Barium ally.

Calcium Silicon Barium Application

It is the deoxidizing addition and desulfurizing agent as well as dephosphorizing agent in the steel-making. Thus, CaSiBa acts as the inoculant and alterative during foundry. ĦĦĦĦBarium can reduce the vapor tension of Calcium in the steel-making temperature and increase the solubility of calcium in steel liquid. Compared with the silicon calcium alloy, if adding Silicon-Calcium-Barium alloy into the steel residue as the calcium resource, when the calcium quantity is the half of the silicon-calcium alloy, the content of Calcium in steel liquid is about two times of the residue with silicon calcium alloy and the stability of calcium is improved remarkably. Thus, Barium in steel residue can protect the calcium and reduce the volatilization and oxidation of Calcium. So, the purpose of Calcium treatment in steel liquid can be achieved.

Calcium Silicon Barium Specification

CA BA SI AL(max) C(max) S(MAX) P(MAX)
S100-CaSiBa14 14-18% 14-18% 50-60% 2.0% 1.0% 0.15 0.05%
S100-CaSiBa4 1-2% 4-6% 65-70% 2.0% 1.0% 0.15 0.05%
S100-CaSiBa25 1-2% 25%Min 50-60% 2.0% 1.0% 0.15 0.05%

standard size:0.1-0.4mm; 0.2-0.7mm; 1-3mm; 3-6mm, 2-50mm
standard packing: 25kgs plastic woven bag.
all the composition of each element, other special elements do not be mentioned above, size and packing can be changed upon request.