Cored Wire

cored wire vertical

Cored Wire Properties

Cored Wire is made of band-shaped steel wrapping alloy powder. Its appearance is samilar as the coil winding. Cored Wire can fill with different filling agent like Ca Metal, CaSi, FeSi Nitride, CaFe and etc.Cored wire injection application has proven to be an integral feature in the secondary metallurgical treatment process of modern steelmaking.

Cored Wire Application

Injection of cored wire in Ladle Metallurgy with powdered elements tightly encased, eliminated problems associated with alloying elements of low density and melting point, high toxicity and high affinity for oxygen and nitrogen.
Trimming with cored wire of various alloying elements ensures trimming of composition within close range, reduced consumption of alloying material and effectively providing repeatable and predictable results.

Cored Wire Specification

Filling Agent
Coil weight per meter
Coil length
coil weight
S100-cored wire CaSi

Ca 30% Min

Si 55%Min

C 1.0% Max

Al 1.5% Max

S 0.05%Max

P 0.03%Max

13+/- 0,5 mm
230 +/- 10g/m
2 mt

Size (mm)

standard packing: vertical or horizontal on steel pallet.
We can also produce according to clients demand for special kinds of cored wire with different filling agent like Ca, C, FeSi Nitride, CaSiBa and Al, etc.