Ferro Silicon Nitride

ferro silicon nitride

Ferro Silicon Nitride Properties

The Ferro Silicon Nitride is Si3N4 as main ingredients, along with free iron, no-nitride Ferro Siliconand small amounts of other ingredients of the mixture. Ferro Silicon Nitride of refractory is a gray powder,Ferro Silicon Nitride of steel making is gray particulate matter.

Ferro Silicon Nitride Application

Ferro Silicon Nitride of refracotry is used mainly for the closure of a large blast furnace taphole clay, a small amount of that is used for iron ditch material or other monolithic refractories. Ferro Silicon Nitride of steel making is mainly used to increase the strength of oriented silicon steel, stainless steel, heat-resistant steel, corrosion-resistant steel, alloy steel or other nitrides steel (such as HRB400 rebar).

Ferro Silicon Nitride Application in Refractory

Ferro Silicon Nitride in the blast furnace taphole clay are universally applied in the developed countries to significantly improve the opening blocked and meet the needs of the blast furnace.It is an indispensable ingredient of modern large-scale blast furnace taphole clay gun mud. Material in the iron trough adding a small amount of Ferro Silicon Nitride greatly improve iron trough through iron content. In the 1970s, Japan began using the Ferro Silicon Nitride.

Ferro Silicon Nitride Properties Application in Steel Mill

In steelmaking, granular Ferro Silicon Nitride is originally used in grain oriented silicon steel, stainless steel, heat-resistant steel, corrosion-resistant steel, alloy steel and special steel smelting production.It is relatively stable to add a certain amount of nitrogen for the molten steel.Ferro Silicon Nitride is a cheap nitrogen alloy. production HRB400 reinforced FeV50 + Fe Si3N4 micro-alloying program, the cost of alloying than a single FeV50 ton of steel cost is reduced by 127.61 yuan, lower than the ton of steel cost VN12 microalloying 44.21yuan. If the technology has been popularized, that will be the benifit for construction steel production and reducing cost and increasing profit.

Ferro Silicon Nitride Specification


Size (mm)
standard size: 200mesh,325mesh, 0-3mm, 10-50mm,
standard packing: 1 mt plastic woven bag.
all the composition of each element, other special elements do not be mentioned above, size and packing can be changed upon request