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Ferro Silicon Nitride Mainly Active Composition

Ferro Silicon Nitride's mainly active compsition is Silicon Nitride.


Source for Metal and Alloys Nitride

Sunny 100 Global Industry Limited was established in 2004 belong to Zhongxin Group, as an distributer of Ferro Silicon Nitride in China. Under the finance and production support from Zhongxin Group,Sunny 100 Global Industry Limited has grown into one of the most diversified supplier of raw materials to the Steel Mills, Foundry and Refractories Industry. We supply our customers with Ferroalloys and Metal Nitride, ferroalloys and Metal like Ferro Silicon Nitride, Si3N4, Manganese Nitride, SiMn Nitride, FeCr Nitride, FeSi, FeSiMg, FeSiZr, CaSiBa, CaSi, Mg Ingot, Manganese Flake and Ca Metal etc.

Ferro Silicon Nitride calcium Metal granular